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How-to GROUP BY list of objects to map in java?


You need to group list of objects by field to map by object field.
You have list of objects and need to group them by some field and get a Map<Field, List<Object>>.


You have class User:

public class User {  
    private String name;
    private int age;

And have a List<User>

[User{name='John', age=27}, User{name='Mary', age=25}, User{name='Lucy', age=25}]

You want to group them by their ages to have a map Map<Integer, List<User>>:

{25=[User{name='Mary', age=25}, User{name='Lucy', age=25}], 27=[User{name='John', age=27}]}

Solution 1 (java 7 or less):

Map<Integer, List<User>> map = new HashMap<Integer, List<User>>();  
for (User user : users) {  
   Integer key = user.getAge();
   if (map.get(key) == null) {
      map.put(key, new ArrayList<User>());

Solution 2 (java 8):

Map<Integer, List<User>> usersGroupedByAge =;  

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